One-handed people who use a prosthesis regularly are more likely to be brain-wired ‘to visualize’ their artificial limb as a part of their body, a new study shows.
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April 3, 2018

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Study: Brain rewires to embrace artificial limb

One-handed people who use a prosthesis regularly are more likely to be brain-wired ‘to visualize’ their artificial limb as a part of their body, a new study shows.

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Western News


Fashion offers window into ancient Roman society

Classical Studies professor Kelly Olson is giving a voice to the predominantly silent and forgotten women of ancient Rome.

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Presidential search

Presidential search committee seeks community input

Members of the Presidential Selection Committee are encouraging the university community to help in finding the best candidate to lead our university.

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Baby, he was born to run – and bike, and swim

First-year Science student Liam Donnelly is gearing up to represent Team Canada at the 2018 Brasilia CAMTRI Triathlon American Championships, set for June in Brazil.

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Embracing a user-focused future for Western Libraries

Over the next year, Western Libraries is adopting a new user-centric organizational model born out of broad participation and engagement with users and staff.

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Working at Western

Western Libraries

Building and Promoting Your Scholarly Identity: Workshop Series

Western Libraries is offering a series of workshops to help researchers build modern research skills. The next session is set for April 11 from 1-3 p.m. and focuses on 'Organizing the Research Process.'

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Office of the Registrar

Student Questionnaires on Courses and Teaching (SQCT)

One of the most effective ways to support a high response rate is instructor encouragement. Western has created a list of strategies from which instructors might draw to encourage students to complete the SQCTs.

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Weight lifting

Meet Georgina Wadsworth – 90 years strong. She is one of 500 seniors in #LdnOnt who stays limber, mobile and active by participating in fitness classes at #WesternU ’s Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging (CCAA). The CCAA just announced it's welcoming members of @lhsccanada Cardiac Fitness Institute, which is slated to close on April 27, 2018.


 The Kind Mail project – now in its second year – has been a hit with alumni, who have lit up ’s social media platforms with their effusive messages.

Western in the Media

Do concussion protocols in youth hockey go far enough?

Dr. Ravi Menon, Canada Research Chair in Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, comments on concussion protocols.

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Drone project shortlisted for NASA mission to Saturn’s largest moon

Earth Sciences professor Catherine Neish, is co-investigator on the project and is also the lone Canadian researcher on the team.

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When professionals rise up, more than money is at stake

Tracey Adams, a sociologist who studies professions, comments on credentials are being devalued.

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Brain waves of concertgoers sync up at show

Neuroscientist Jessica Grahn discusses how music is typically linked with ritual and associated with dance.

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How AI can revolutionize Canadian health care

As AI begins to take off, will the health-care industry be receptive to technological disruption despite its notorious aversion to change? What is clear is that it will be crucial for the medical community to use its clinical expertise to help leverage technology and AI to improve the delivery of health care. Indeed, this has already begun.

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Striking out Ernest Hemingway

Known as ‘Canada’s Baseball Poet,’ Shel Krakofsky’s poems opened – and are still included – in the Canadian Baseball Hall Of Fame. After 40 years, he recently retired as a physician. The recipient of several literary awards, he has twice received the Okanagan Fiction Award and the National Jewish Book Prize for Poetry. A former English teacher and a journalist with The Globe and Mail, Stanley Cup Seder is his fourth poetry collection.

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