In five years, Alex Kopacz went from a 23-year old Western undergrad who had never seen a bobsleigh to a Team Canada Olympian waiting his turn on the international stage in Pyeongchang, South Korea.
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February 6, 2018

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On the fast track in Pyeongchang

In five years, Alex Kopacz went from a 23-year old Western undergrad who had never seen a bobsleigh to a Team Canada Olympian waiting his turn on the international stage in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

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Western News

Jerald Sabin

Higher powers and politics

Does religion play a role in Canadian politics? For many, this question may seem out of place in Canadian political discourse.

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Woman holding phone

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

Social media is a powerful tool. When the power to highlight our professional values, and the power to degrade our professionalism.

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Little Prince

Autism and 'The Little Prince'

For Dr. Genevieve Eastabrook, the classic children’s book 'The Little Prince' holds a special place in her heart. The title character reminds her a lot of her younger brother, Thomas.

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Shiva Singh

Twins key to unique secret

Researchers show no two patients affected with schizophrenia have identical mutations – every patient is different.

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Working at Western

Staff & Leaders Conference

Join us Feb. 21, 22 & 23

Western Staff & Leaders’ Conference: “Courage & Compassion” takes place Feb. 21-23. This year’s conference features stories and topics that inspire a courageous outlook and encourage compassion towards self and others.

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Human Resources

Claims Deadlines

Under the provisions of your Extended Health & Dental plans, Health Care Spending Account (if applicable) and your Wellness Spending Account (if applicable) there are deadlines you should note: Health Care Spending Account and Wellness Spending Account Claims Expenses incurred in the year 2017 must be claimed by March 31.

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Elections to the Board of Governors and Senate

Voting open until Feb. 7

For Faculty and Staff constituencies, balloting will take place through Simply Voting until 8p.m. Feb 7.

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Sustainability at Western

Nominations open for Green Awards

Nominate individuals or teams who initiate or support an activity with positive environmental outcomes, for the Western Green Awards. Nominations open until March 9.

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UC Hill

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Western in the Media

Five whimsical words of the Winter Olympics, from ‘skeleton’ to ‘salchow’

Watching the Winter Olympics can be like trying to follow a TV show in another language.

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Research uncovers new link between head trauma, CTE, and ALS

Researchers believe they have found a common link between the degenerative brain condition CTE, and a variant of ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease.

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Environmentalists worried about potential forestry-related nest loss

Thousands of birds are lost each year in Nova Scotia because their nests are destroyed by industrial forestry, a Cape Breton environmental group says.

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More than 150 women described sexual abuse by Lawrence Nassar. Will their testimony help them heal?

The spectacle of more than 150 young women telling their stories of sexual abuse before a court, the world, and the perpetrator himself seemed straight from the movies.

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children waving

The phoenix of HIV treatment

During the last 30 years, over 15 million people have received AZT: an antiretroviral used to prevent HIV/AIDS. Today, Microbiology and Immunology professor Eric Arts discusses his career-long connection to AZT and the issues with AZT-based treatments in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Do you believe in miracles?

Historian Don Abelson tells The Backstory podcast about The Miracle on Ice, an unlikely Olympic matchup between the USSR, then the strongest hockey team in the world, and a group of American college kids.

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