Western Musicologist James Grier has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship - one of just seven Canadians among a prestigious recipient list of 173 global scholars, writers and artists.
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April 10, 2020

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Musicologist James Grier

Musicologist Grier named prestigious Guggenheim Fellow

Western Musicologist James Grier has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship - one of just seven Canadians among a prestigious recipient list of 173 global scholars, writers and artists.

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Western News

PhD parchment on a stack of books

Graduate students 'Zoom' to their own defence

It was a unique challenge, yet one the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (SGPS) moved to address almost immediately - providing a virtual venue to cap graduate students’ university careers.

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Art of nurse's face after her work shift

Student artwork joins tribute to front lines

She starts with the eyes - perhaps that is why the eyes are the most striking aspect of Abbygale Shelley's most recent work, 'The Trenches of COVID-19.'

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Dr. Theresa Tam, chief Medical officer of heatlh

Women signal shift in leadership’s future

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, Canadians are seeing a large number of women lead us through the crisis.

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Food Fund organizer holding fruit

Student’s venture delivers fresh food, comfort

What started as a good idea by one Western student has exploded under the new reality of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Working at Western

Fridays at 12:30 - virtually

Great music lives on at Western

The signature "Fridays at 12:30" concert series came to an early close, but music lives on. Enjoy this recording from a February concert, featuring piano faculty member Leslie Kinton performing three Beethoven piano sonatas.

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Parking at Western

April campus parking fees suspended

Parking and Visitor Services is not collecting fees on Faculty/Staff parking permits for the month of April. Throughout this month, parking lots remain open to support essential services staff and community services.

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Distinguished Professors

El Naggar, MacDermid honoured for excellence

Two Western scholars - Civil and Environmental Engineering professor Hesham El Naggar and Physical Therapy professor Joy MacDermid - have been honoured with Distinguished University Professorships to acknowledge sustained excellence in scholarship.

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Webcast @ Western

Western experts field COVID-19 questions

Western researchers Eric Arts and Greta Bauer answer COVID-19 questions from the community: including queries about testing, physical distancing and the vaccine being developed at Western. Read the transcript or watch the webcast recording.

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Social Highlights


University College exterior

Whether you are celebrating Passover or Easter this week, or the beginning of Ridván next week, we know these special holidays won't be the same. Wishing you the warmth of spring and the comfort of family and friends - from a safe distance - this holiday season.


Our students are in the thick of finals, during an end of term like no other. Let them know you’re cheering for them by sending in #KindMail - our most important #KindMail project yet. #letsdothis #purpleandproud

Western in the Media

CTV London - Western creates $1M fund for pandemic research

Western University has started a $1-million research fund designed to help society survive pandemics, through COVID-19 and beyond.

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The Hill Times - We Can Learn From Our Response

We must strengthen international measures to share information on global disease outbreaks, says political science professor Erika Simpson.

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illustration of infected foods

Please, Don’t Intentionally Infect Yourself. Signed, an Epidemiologist.

In a New York Times op-ed, Western Epidemiology and Biostatistics Greta Bauer argues that while frustration, fear and solution-seeking are normal responses to this new global risk, there are seven clear reasons choosing to get intentionally infected would be a really horrible idea right now.

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Read. Watch. Listen. plus image of woman

Read. Watch. Listen. with Liz Sutherland

Take your mind off work, school, life and all the messy stuff in between when GIS Technical Specialist Liz Sutherland takes a turn on Read. Watch. Listen.

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