Western President Alan Shepard delivers a video message of hope and thanks to the Western community.
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April 3, 2020

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Video message from President to campus community

Western President Alan Shepard delivers a video message of hope and thanks to the Western community.

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Western News


Western fund to support pandemic-related research

A new $1-million catalyst fund will support university research efforts focused on resilience and recovery from disease outbreaks - both related to the current COVID-19 pandemic and those beyond, university officials announced today.

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Advanced Manufacturing pivots to face shields

Western teams across campus are supporting production of low-cost, substantively effective medical face shields that could be in hospitals for health-care workers within days, if not hours.

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Finding ways to calm work-from-home chaos

Working from home has become the ‘new normal’ for many. What is not normal, however, are the kitchens, bedrooms and other spaces recently converted into makeshift workstations.

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Learning from echoes of past plagues, poxes, flus

Millions of people confine themselves to their homes as they battle an invisible, viral enemy. Schools and theatres close. Playgrounds empty. Medical staff choose which patients will get life-saving respirators, and which will not.

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Working at Western

Student Relief Fund

Getting through the COVID-19 crisis together

We know this is an especially challenging and disruptive time for our students as they navigate the unexpected and far-reaching implications of COVID-19. For those asking how they can help, we have launched the Student Relief Fund to provide critical resources to those students who find themselves with urgent expenses related to travel, access to technology, health and wellness and other unforeseen circumstances.

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Congress 2020 cancelled

Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences #congressh will not be held this year, in any form. Federation CEO Gabriel Miller offered a video message to explain the decision.

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Special Webcast


COVID-19: a special webcast with Western experts, Eric Arts and Greta Bauer from the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry.

Western in the Media

GLOBAL NEWS -- Coronavirus: Ontario researchers race toward treatment, vaccine for COVID-19

“The idea is to train our immune system to recognize this spike protein. So when a person becomes infected, the body already knows how to recognize it and mount an attack,” said Stephen Barr, an associate professor at Western.

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THE GLOBE AND MAIL -- A stronger WHO would make for a stronger world against disease

"In these remarkable times, people are making sense of the global response to the novel coronavirus pandemic as a war we must fight," said Francine McKenzi, a professor and chair of the history department at Western and author of GATT and Global Order in the Postwar Era.

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Not all find comfort while ‘safe at home’

Being safe at home isn’t possible for everyone during this COVID-19 crisis. And so, it’s important rethink what we mean by “home” and “safe.”

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Read. Watch. Listen. with Laura Misener

Wondering what to do when you reach the end of your rope, find yourself ‘Under the Influence’, or stuck in a galaxy far, far away? Laura Misener, Director of the School of Kinesiology, has you covered when she takes a turn on Read. Watch. Listen

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Please visit Western’s COVID-19 website for all the latest updates.

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