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Photo of male student smiling at the camera in biomedical engineering laboratory

Growing up in war-torn Iran with helicopters crashing outside of his front door and bullets scattering his play areas, PhD student Ali Tavallaei learned at a very young age never to take anything for granted. [Read more]

Ting-Yim Lee is transforming health care around the world
Scientist smiling at the camera infront of CT images of the brain on a computer screen

Robarts scientist Dr. Ting-Yim Lee has been singled out as an example of how medical imaging is transforming health care and having a direct impact on human health around the globe. [Read more]

Mending broken genes in pursuit of a healthier future
Female scientist writing on a white board

Repairs fascinate Caroline Schild-Poulter. She explores the ways our cellular system responds to DNA damage and specifically how DNA repair can prevent cancer. [Read more]

Development of new rapid test for food-borne bacteria
Image of food safety tests

Dr. Michael Rieder and his team are working on a project that may drastically improve food safety and would ensure contaminated food is identified before it even leaves the processing plant. [Read more]

Starting something BIG in London
Researchers Greg Dekaban and Arthur Brown

The Brain Injury Group (BIG) London includes more than two dozen professionals from across the city studying everything from the biomechanics of why concussions occur to how to prevent them. [Read more]


Video Profile: Vascular Biology Group

spacer Screenshot of video showing two scientists one female, one male working together at a lab bench

The Vascular Biology Group at Robarts Research Institute works to better understand and treat cardiovascular disease. A culture of collaboration allows medical discoveries to move quickly into clinical practice.


Upcoming Events

Wednesday, August 13 - See the Line

Thursday, November 20 - Neurodegenerative Diseases Public Forum

Global Impact

spacer Male scientist smiling at the camera infront of an image of a world map

Using ultrasound, computer technology and ingenuity, Dr. Aaron Fenster and his team are improving diagnosis and treatment of disease for you and people around the world [Read more]


Robarts in the News

The roots of an unlikely hope for epilepsy (the Toronto Star)

Genetic testing: help or harm (CTV)

Researchers find possible way to treat Huntington's disease (Sun News)


Giving News

spacer Eric Kints with his son and grandson standing in the warehouse of Huron Produce

Eric Kints is the owner of family-run Huron Produce. His recent donation was motivated in part by his very personal connection to neurodegenerative disease, but also because of a desire to help those who feel helpless. [Read more]

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