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Robarts trainees Ian Connell and Louisa Salemi

Robarts trainees Ian Connell and Louisa Salemi are excelling in their respective research fields. And as part of a high-achieving group of passionate, young researchers, they are enriching Robarts' reputation as a leading institution for graduate-level education and interdisciplinary science. [Read more]

Join us for Leaders in Innovation - November 18
Leaders in Innovation 2015

Making cancer visible to the human eye is an essential part of the prevention, detection and treatment of this deadly disease. Robarts Research Institute is celebrating research innovations in cancer imaging that make this important work possible. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, November 18 and join us for the 2015 Public Forum and Leaders in Innovation Dinner. [Read more]

A sense of invention
Aaron Fenster, PhD

Aaron Fenster, PhD, has an instinct for invention. After filing his 51st patent this year, the researcher reflects on the innovation and groundbreaking imaging technology that has come out of his lab at Robarts. [Read more]

New world-class scientists join Robarts to enrich medical research
Robarts Research Institute

Meet the newest members of the Robarts scientific community: Andrew Pruszynski, PhD, Dr. Julio Martinez-Trujillo and Donald Welsh, PhD. As world-class researchers, their work is impacting how we understand sensory and motor function, cognition and behaviour, and circulation. [Read more]

Robert Bartha awarded Alzheimer Foundation grant
Robert Bartha, PhD

Robert Bartha, PhD, has been awarded the Alzheimer Foundation London and Middlesex Premier Research Grant, a $100,000 grant to support research, personnel and supportive infrastructure. [Read more]

Let's talk research
Discover Robarts Community Presentation Series

Community members came together for a unique opportunity at Robarts Research Institute this spring - the Discover Robarts Community Presentation Series. Each of the four sessions was sold out. [Read more]

Gearing up for his second term
Dr. Michael J. Strong

During his first term as Dean, Dr. Michael Strong initiated change on many fronts. Now he’s putting the wheels in motion to continue building on the great work already underway. [Read more]

Robarts scientist David Holdsworth, PhD, leads Western's new Research Cluster
Musculoskeletal Health

David Holdsworth, PhD, a renowned imaging scientist at Robarts, takes the helm of the new Western Cluster of Research in Musculoskeletal Health. The Cluster is a collaborative team of 70 researchers from across the University that will drive high-impact, interdisciplinary work on bone and joint health. [Read more]


Predicting therapy outcomes in cerebral palsy

spacer Ravi Menon, PhD

A study by Kathryn Manning, PhD Candidate, and Ravi Menon, PhD, may lead to more guided treatment for young cerebral palsy patients, potentially reducing frustration for thousands of sufferers.

Global Impact

spacer Flavio Beraldo and Ashbeel Roy

Flávio Beraldo, research associate, and Ashbeel Roy, postdoctoral fellow, are bringing scientific discovery to computers, tablets and mobile devices around the world. As contributors to a free online anthology covering neurodegenerative diseases, they are embracing technology as a means of sharing ideas with aspiring scientists. [Read more]


Robarts in the News

Robarts Clinical Trials relocating - Robarts News

Heart and Stroke Foundation 2015 Report - CTV News

Western dean leads fight against brain disease - The London Free Press

In Memoriam - Ramsay Gunton, Barbara Turnbull and Norton Wolf


Giving News

spacer Dr. Geoff Pickering

Dr. Geoff Pickering is turning a $25,000 pledge from the Plunkett Foundation into equipment that will impact medical research in more than 75 labs across the city of London. [Read more]

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